Drawer Slides For Heavy Usage

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Drawer Slides made in various kinds depends on capacity and other demands.


  • Heavy duty drawer slides are usually composed of cold-rolled or stainless steel, or aluminum certain treaties. They are required in the shop and industrial applications and handle loads of more than 200 pounds and rated up to 500lbs.

These sliders usually fixed on drawers which designed for heavier load. It must be instrument boxes for industrial This is metallic heavy duty drawer slides. They are also full extension equipment, pantry items and others.  In these cases such slides surely must have.

  • Try to find out what kind of drawer slides are:Light duty drawer slides. Their load capacities are less than 100 pounds, and, in the case of plastic, less than 50 pounds. They are necessary for household use and commercial applications.
  • Full extension drawer slides use telescopic mechanisms so that drawers can fully extend out from cabinets. These types of slides have a load capacity of about 100 pounds, and more.



Heavy drawer slides – one of the most valuable units of modern furniture. Nowadays almost everywhere roller-track and ball-bearing drawer slides are used. Each of this group slides has many kinds and modification which differ by construction, sizes, extension size, and manner of fastening to extended unit of furniture. How to choose the drawer slides, which furniture will have one or another modification and which slides shall we offer to consumers? In spite of many answers, it needs a shot time to find an answer, and we can help you to clear up.

Unfortunately, not every furniture manufacturer knows the property of roller-track slides, which made by different another well skilled heavy duty drawer slides maker.

Meantime the detailed lore can have a serious meaning for selling the furniture to the final consumer. Some of this property may be highly profitable for its maker, which makes positive emotion of buyers.

The furniture maker, which does not want to make mistakes in his choice, lag behind competitors, purchasing the roller-track slides must have to pay attention to the following things:

  • One of two parts of slides component, fixing on a base of furniture must clasp  its, reliable straight line motion, and other part supplies movable roller on it that eject jamming of sliding unit;


  • Each of these two parts, fixing on a base must have per two projections, which supply box fixation in full extended position, and prevent its falling out;


  • Drawer slides must supply inadvertent closing of the box at the expense of the horizontal component of its weight from the distance 3-5 cm.;


  • The rollers must be fully run free and has not had a side play.

The list of demands popular kind of drawer slides we may to prolong, but if there is no execution of listed terms – there is no point buy heavy duty slides with low price: economy makes poor percent’s and the quality of your furniture will be detrimental.